Hennessey - General Admission

Hennessey - General Admission

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Thursday March 11

8:30 ET

**this is a rebroadcast of her most recent livestream on 9.12

Hennessey is the creation of singer-songwriter Leah Hennessey and multidisciplinary electronic artist E.J. O’Hara and guitarists Malachy O'Neil and Noah Chevan. They are that unicorn of underground pop: a new danceable sound with exquisite lyrics.

While still a relatively new band, Hennessey has built up a devoted following from their explosive and theatrical live shows (which have continued and evolved in the virtual sphere).

 “Living among the retro-obsessed scene of Avenue A in the East Village, Hennessey comes as more of a rebirth than a rehash of New York bands before them”- V Magazine

“Hennessey is refreshingly, unabashedly intellectual, with that same zeal for cultural regurgitation that their artistic idols employed. They certainly learned from the best.” – PostPunk.com "